Our Teachers

All of our teachers have successfully completed the Music Together® and/or Canta y Baila Conmigo's training program, demonstrating the ability to sing in tune with accurate rhythm and lead a group. Teachers attend ongoing skill development workshops throughout the year. We love to sing, dance, and make music...and we love children! 

photo Diana

Diana Davidson, a life-long singer and dancer, holds a M.Ed. from the University of Virginia in Curriculum and Instructional Design and a B.A from the University of California, Los Angeles in World Arts and Cultures. Diana served as a bilingual and Spanish Immersion elementary school teacher for 10 years in San Diego, Salinas, and Arlington, VA. She has many years of experience working with children ages 0-10 in areas of art, music, fitness,and dance. Diana successfully completed the Music Together Teaching Workshop developed by the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, New Jersey in Alexandria, Virginia in 2007 and her Music Together Certification Level 1 in 2013. She is also a certified Canta y Baila Conmigo® teacher (Spanish Language and Music Program). Diana is the music and movement specialist at Bill and Sid Rubin Preschool and she teacher Music Together Preschool classes at Green Beans Preschool in Mission Hills. Diana is the proud mom of two singing dancing daughters (ages 9 and 4).  Diana is CPR and First Aid certified.
Ms. Diana in three words: Mama, dancer, gentle

photo Deirdre

Deirdre Moore is an experienced and creative educator having taught everything from
special education to regular education to music and dance both in public schools and in
private school settings. Deirdre loves to sing and dance and has been teaching
movement and/or music for over 20 years. She holds a M.Ed. in the Creative Arts in
Learning from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and a B.S. in Special Education from
St. Joseph College in West Hartford, CT. In the fall of 2001, Deirdre completed the
Music Together Teaching Workshop in Northampton, MA and has since taught early
childhood music and movement classes in both Massachusetts and Vermont. Deirdre is
very excited to share her love of moving and music-making with the children and adults
of San Diego with Songbirds Music!
Deirdre in three words: Creative, passionate, fun!

photo Gina

Gina has been involved with singing her whole life. She began performing in choirs at four years old and continued singing in choirs, musicals, madrigal groups and even a couple of bands! She has a BA in Theater from Trinity University in San Antonio where she studied music, dance and theater. A mother of two, Gina discovered Music Together with her seven month old son and fell in love with the program. After completing the training to become a teacher in 2004, she began teaching that fall and has enjoyed sharing her love of music with children and their families ever since. Gina has also completed her Certification Level 1.
Gina in three words: Inspired, experienced, wise.

photo Becky

Becky and Music have enjoyed a lifelong friendship. Starting at 8 years old, Becky trained in piano and clarinet. Throughout high school and college, she studied guitar, drums, and vocals. She sang in a choir; she was a music teacher in a youth camp. Besides her training in music, Becky studied literature in college and graduate school, and holds an M.A. from Columbia University. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. After pursuing a career in classroom teaching, Becky is now a full-time mother, writer, and yoga teacher.
Still, Becky’s daily life is filled with music. Nowadays, she plays piano, violin, hang drum, gong, and Tibetan singing bowls for joy and relaxation, but also to support her daughters with their musical growth. Both of Becky’s daughters participated in the Songbirds Music program throughout early childhood, and now (ages 6 and 8) they play piano and violin. Every day there are moments when making music together uplifts the household.Becky attributes her daughters’ enthusiasm for music to what they learned and experienced at Songbirds Music. Becky is eager to use her classes as a way to encourage caregivers and young ones to enrich their lives with music. Becky believes that every moment in life—whether challenging or wonderful—offers inspiration for a song: “Whether we feel like crying, laughing, or whining, let’s make it sing!”
Becky in three words: joyful, grateful, lyrical.

Photo coming soon...

photo Lara

Maestra de Canta y Baila Conmigo.
Lara Shumer is a bilingual teacher with a love of music and dance. She has her B.S, BCLAD and M.Ed. from UCSD. She taught bilingual 4th and 5th graders for 10 years in Valley Center. During that time she went on a Fulbright Scholarship program with the SUAVE program through CSUSM to Veracruz, Mexico for a month. There she learned to play the jarana and began singing and dancing Son Jarocho. She taught her students son jarocho and was part of a group that performed in San Diego for a few years. She became trained and certified in Canta y Baila Conmigo in the summer of 2015. Lara is excited to take on an opportunity to join her passion for bilingual teaching along with music.
Lara in three words: creative, passionate, life-long-learner

photo Sean

Mr. Sean - The bass line in The Chain by Fleetwood Mac was the spark that ignited Sean’s desire to play the bass. He quickly consumed the basics and within a few weeks began playing live performances with his step-father's bluegrass band and an alternative band he formed with his buddies. With the desire to learn more he started playing the upright bass in the J.W. North Wind Symphony and decided he’d pursue a degree in music after High School. Fueled by passion to understand music history and theory, while attending UC Riverside he began collaborating with many different musicians and performing in groups with a variety of genres (e.g. javanese gamelan, free improvisation, orchestra, classic rock, country, folk, jazz, and a philippine rondalla). After graduating his focus shifted to song writing and composition. As his exploration in music continued he has discovered the formative joy in singing, dancing, and making music with his daughter.
Mr. Sean in three words: Welcoming, inventive, dedicated.

  Diana y Sean

Ms. Diana will be teaching and Mr. Sean will be subbing on July 30th.