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Music Together®

Child development research recommends mixed-age classes because it fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older ones; older children learn by leading the younger ones. Each child participates at his or her own developmental level. This class provides for a variety of adult-child interactive activity and offers new ways to play musically at home.

Each 45-minute class includes songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences--developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers--regardless of their own musical ability.

Canta y Baila Conmigo®

Newborn - age 5-years with Adults)
Designed for beginners and native speakers alike,
Canta y Baila ConmigoTM creates a playful, interactive atmosphere where language learning is integrated naturally and organically in the musical experience.  

With Canta y Baila ConmigoTM you and your child will be transported as you sing, dance and play along to the irresistible sounds and rhythms of Spanish speaking countries.

  • A curriculum with dual, complementary goals of music and language immersion
  • Informal instruction in a supportive, joyful setting 
  • Beautiful, professionally recorded music collections carefully selected to represent the wide variety of Hispanic musical traditions and genres 
  • An illustrated Spanish-language family songbook including music notation, lyrics and information about the origins of the songs 
  • An optional English Language Supplement with song translations, vocabulary and grammar points for families learning Spanish

    Fluent bilingual educator Maddie Welch has created this unique curriculum with David Piper, studio engineer, and Michael Feldman, Latin percussionist.
Mini Session

This 3 week mini session will keep the music and dancing going in between sessions. Classes meet for 45 minutes of singing, dancing, instrument play, and sing-along stories. NO materials will be distributed. We'll be taking song requests each week! Sign up for the full session or drop in and sing; let's have some fun together.

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Dance Place
Dance Place @ NTC | 2650 Truxtun Rd
Room 109, 103, or 105 Unit #102 | Enter through Truxtun Rd
San Diego, CA 92016
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Tuesday 9:30 AM Aug 13, 2019 3 weeks Melissa Register
Tuesday 10:30 AM Aug 13, 2019 3 weeks Melissa Register
Thursday 9:30 AM Aug 15, 2019 3 weeks Melissa Register
Thursday 10:30 AM Aug 15, 2019 3 weeks Melissa Register
Friday 9:30 AM Aug 16, 2019 3 weeks Diana Register
Friday 10:30 AM Aug 16, 2019 3 weeks Diana Register