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We had tried a lot of other music programs before we found yours, and yours was the only one we really connected with so much to make us continue! I catch [her] singing the songs quite often and in the car she will request, 'Mommy, music class in the car?'. It's really awesome seeing it resonate so much with her and I thank you for that.


My son just loves his music class. Miss Diana is so sweet and she has so much fun with the children. We cannot wait for the next collection!


Leo loves to sing! Thanks Miss Diana for being so sweet and fun in class. Even my husband likes the CDS that Music Togethre has. Good luck to you in San Diego. Leo is really going to miss singing with you.

Leo's mom

SBM has been a very important part of Vida's development The instructors are amazing as well Scheduling and the flexibility with rescheduling classes also makes things so easy. Great organization overall We look forward to the next sessions and many more


Miss Diana was our teacher in Virginia and we really miss her. Our daughter couldn't wait for music class every week. She sang in the car,in the bathtub, at the park...everywhere! Music Together® is the greatest program. San Diego is lucky to have Miss Diana. Enjoy!


We just started Music Together and love it! My daughter is so happy in music class and we love our teacher. I recommend Songbirds Music. We are signing up again this summer and are very excited to learn new songs.


I loved the class and the music. The Maracas songs were great, especially "All Around The Kitchen". Ms. Diana has such a happy and fun personality and my baby loved her. It's amazing to watch all the kids grow so much in 10 weeks and interact with each other. Thank you so much Ms. Diana for a fabulous class.


In all my years of going to music classes with my own children and now with my grandchildren, I have never had as much fun as I do with Ms. Diana and Music Together. This class is wonderful and this program is the greatest. I always look forward to taking my grandchildren to class. We enjoy the music and have an absolute ball every week. Thank you Ms. Diana.

Grandma S.

We loved this class and LOVE Miss Diana. Thank you for making this such a special opportunity for both of my children.


I love that I don't have to wait until my children are "old enough" to do Music Together. Not only can I take my 2 year old but his little sister who is 3 months old enjoys the classes too. Ms. Diana is so warm and kind with the kids and her classes are a ton of fun (without being too hyper)! Out of all the children's classes I've done with my nephews and with my own children, Songbirds Music is the best by a mile. Thank you Ms. Diana and thank you Music Together. See you next session.


Ms. Diana told me to watch for musical mommets at home and we are excitd to report that we have many musical momment every day! Both my son and daughter sing the "Hello Song" every morning. They are singing all the time and they are making up their own silly words to the music now. We have so much fun in class and we thank Songbirds Music and Ms. Diana for inspiring our whole family to sing (even grandpa!).


Our son (2 1/2) & our daughter (9 mos) have both loved the Music Together classes! Ms. Diana is a wonderful teacher...she truly makes the class so much fun for everyone. We have several of the Music Together CDs & they are always in our car. Our kids love listening to the songs over & over again."


Miss Diana,teaches a magnificent program. Her musical abilities and elementary education teaching background
coupled with her sunshine filled disposition make for the perfect combination. My boys have attended 5 Songbirds Music sessions. In fact they have cried on days they could not attend class. Alessandro, our youngest, frequently breaks out into ´Hello Everybody’ song and dance.I would highly recommend enrolling your children in SongBirds Music classes with Ms. Diana, you will not be disappointed!”


My daughter and I both love Songbirds Music Together classes. She consistently looks forward to class every week, and the CDs from class are a < request in the car. Plus, it's a great place to meet other moms and kids who love music.


Thomas enjoyed this past semester’s songs and has had a major language development in the past few weeks. I noticed him singing and repeating most of the songs from the Triangles collection! One week later he started repeating everything we tell him to. He picked up about 8 words in two days! Thinking about it, I see that singing is a natural progression to talking. Repeating tones is the beginning of understanding what to do when you talk.We are so glad to have met you and look forward to the Fall session

Thomas's mom