Welcome to Songbirds Music - FAQs and More

WELCOME/BIENVENIDOS! We are so pleased that you are joining us this semester.  The following information will help answer many frequently asked questions. Please keep this email for you to reference. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions at any time.

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PARTICIPATION: In this class it is very important for the adults to participate! You are your child most important model regardless of your musical ability – a sense of fun is all that is required. Children learn their attitudes and motivations from you, and you can help them become enthusiastic music-makers just by enjoying the class and participating fully. Listen to the recordings at home, in the car, where ever you like to enjoy music, and utilize your songbooks. Come to class ready to sing, dance, and have fun with your child/children.

SAFETY POLICY: Health and safety are top priority. Adults are responsible for the safety and actions of their child/children. Please help keep everyone safe by reminding the little ones to use walking or dancing feet – no running in class. Help your child/children take care of our instruments – no throwing or standing on them. If your child is going through a difficult or transitional time we are here to help! We will support you and assist you during this bumpy patch. Remember that our little ones are learning how to negotiate their space and their relationships. Our teachers are very well trained and we can handle and help with most situations. We also count on our adult community in class to be helpful, supportive, and compassionate. If we feel a situation is truly unsafe, we reserve the right to dismiss a family when, in the sole discretion of Songbirds Music, the family cannot be served with safety and with respect for the rights of other class-members. Dismissal is accompanied by a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the semester less the one-time family registration fee of $20.

HEALTH & ILLNESS: We need to be extra careful to keep our children, our environment, and our instruments clean and safe for everyone. If your child has a fever or diarrhea, they should be free from any symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning to class. If they have a cough/cold with a running nose, or they are not feeling 100%, please do not bring them to class. If you are not sure if you should bring your child to class ask yourself the following, “If another child in music class had the symptoms that my child is showing would I want my child to be around them?” Thank you in advance for being considerate and keeping all our children healthy!

Instruments are wiped and/or washed after class. Please use the wipes, hand sanitizers, and wash rooms, especially before and after class.

YOUR CHILD: Children’s work is play. Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through observation and play. Even the most well intended adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. As long as your child is safe, allow him or her to experience the class in their own unique way…whether it is by moving constantly, coming in and out of the circle, sitting and staring, holding and tasting the instruments rather than playing them, etc. It is very likely that each child is busily processing the musical information even if it is not apparent during class activities. Trust this process, relax, and let your child be, and you will begin to see new musical behaviors emerging as the semester progresses.

TIMELINESS: This class begins and ends on time and it is important for you to be prompt. It is often very difficult for a child to settle into a class already in session. Please be on time for the “Hello Song” or "Yo Tengo un Amigo" song, so your child/children feel properly welcomed.

ABSENCES & MAKE-UPS: Use the on-line make-up scheduler (under the “Classes” tab) to schedule your make-ups. Classes may only be made-up within the same session unless special arrangements have been made with the director. Missed classes DO NOT roll over to future sessions! You are welcome to make up any missed classes at any location. Class days and times are subject to change so please check the schedule before showing up to class. If the online scheduler says you cannot enroll in the make-up class you selected it is probably a full class. Make-ups can be done in either a Music Together® or a Canta y Baila Conmigo® Class regardless of which program you are in.

FOOD & TOYS: We prefer to keep our 45 minutes together as musical as possible. Please leave toys in the car or in your bag. No food in the music space. Nursing moms are always welcome to breastfeed in class. If you child needs a drink/snack in class, please me mindful of others and go to the side of the room or step outside for a few minutes. We also want to be respectful of children/adults with food allergies…AND remember, snacking is contagious! Keep in mind, if you give your child a snack in music class he/she may think it is part of the music class routine. Again, please help us keep every class as musical as possible. 

TALKING: Your child/children are so fortunate that at least once a week they get to listen to you sing, watch you dance, and join you as we play along in class together. As busy parents, grandparents, and caregivers we look forward to a few moments of adult chit-chat; however, when it take place during class time it is disruptive to your children, to the other families in the class, and to the teachers. The more engaged you are the more engaged your child/children will be. Come a little early, stay a few minutes late, meet at the park or relax at a nearby coffee shop and chat away! Meanwhile, for the 45 minutes we share in class, let focus on our “la, la, las ” vs. “blah, blah blahs”.

TAKING PHOTOS/VIDEO: Since our classes are participatory and educational experiences between adults and children, we ask our families to please refrain from taking photo or video during class time. We also need to be respectful of the other families in the room that may not feel comfortable being in photos/videos. Occasionally our classes are professionally photographed and/or videotaped. These photographs/videos are sometimes used for publicity purposes or as training tools for teachers. In instances where images are intended for publicity purposes, parents will be asked to sign the appropriate release forms. You are welcome to take pictures before or after class. On our last class of the session you may take some pictures during the play along or after class if time permits. 

GUEST POLICY: Infants under the age of eight months attend free with a registered sibling. Non-enrolled siblings, cousins, or friends may attend once free of charge; thereafter there is a $15.00 guest fee. Please let our instructor know in advance if you will be bringing a guest. Grandparents and out of town visitors are encouraged and welcome at any time! Exceptions: School-aged siblings are always welcome to attend class if their school/camp is closed but Songbirds Music is running classes.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Songbirds Music is on Facebook, Instagram (songbirdsmusic), and Yelp. We “like” you so please “like” us and join our social media community. Read our 5 start reviews on Yelp and please consider writing a review of your own. Yelp! Class announcements, articles, specials and more are posted regularly on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you on Facebook/Songbirds Music.

FOR MUSIC TOGETHER FAMILIES ONLY: FAMILY FUN ZONE: As a member of the Music Together family, you have access to the Family Music Zone™. Here, you’ll be able to download this semester’s songs, view a digital copy of your songbook, get new activities to try at home, and learn more about your child’s music development.

First time logging in? Create a new Music Together account in three easy steps:

  1. "Enter your Access Code": You’ll need the “Family Access Code” that’s printed on the inside back cover of your song collection CD booklet. Enter the 15-digit code into the box.
  2. "Provide your email address": Enter your email address here. This will become your account login.
  3. "Choose a password": Choose and confirm your password. Make sure it has at least 8 characters, including one or more symbols

Returning family? If you already have a Music Together account, click here to log in with your registered email address and password.

Once you’ve entered the Family Music Zone, look to the navigation in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click “Access Code,” and you’ll be prompted to enter this semester’s Family Access Code (printed on the inside back cover of your song collected CD booklet). After your code is accepted, the songs and activities for this semester will appear on the home page—and last semester’s will move to your Library for you to re-visit at any time.

You are such an important part of our Songbirds Music community. Thank you!