Homemade Water Bottle Maraca

Recycle, Reuse, and Rock-On with this DIY Water Bottle Maraca Craft:


1. Empty water bottle with lid
2. Duct Tape, Washi tape, and/or masking tape*, tissue paper, markers
3. Popcorn/dried beans/rice/grains,beads,dried pasta, spices....whatever you want to fill your bottle with.

Here's how you make it...

1. Wrap your water bottle from top to bottom with tape*. Masking tape works well.
2. Decorate your maraca with markers, layered tape, tissue paper, etc...
3. Fill your water bottle up with popcorn or dried beans etc.., put the lid back on tight. For added protection super glue the lid back on.
4. Shake, shake, shake

5. Put on your favorite music and have a maraca playalong. Try some music in Spanish and have a music fiesta!

* Or don't use tape at all and make your shaker see-through!

Store it in your in house jam box!