Babies Only (0-8mo) – Music Together®

Babies Class

A Babies music class? You bet!

In this sweet interactive class for parents/caregivers of babies ages 0-8 months learn lots of musical ways to connect with your little one through singing, dancing, chants, rhythm and tonal play, sound layering, and instrument play…yep, your baby will love shaking those maracas and tapping on the drum!

Music is incredibly beneficial for your baby’s developing brain and growing body. Although babies are not born with much control in their bodies, their sense of hearing is well developed! They can hear and respond to sounds in the womb from at around 14 weeks in utero. By the time there are born, they are exquisitely prepared for a musical experience!

This class also a great way to meet other new mom, dads, and caregivers while bonding with your baby.  Stay after class and chat, nurse, feed, and meet the families! We won’t rush you out the door.

This class is taught be our baby whispering Music Together teachers. We’ll share lots of great tip on how to play with music at home too! The most important thing in your diaper bag (after diapers) is music!

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