Studio Dos and Don’ts

Hey families, please help us take care of our musical nest and each other! We can’t wait to welcome you to our studio and flock together. Here’s what you need to know:

The Dos

  • Breast/chest feeding, water, milk, coffee/ tea are always welcome
  • Feel free to bring in your car seats, carriers, diaper bags
  • Bring your little one’s stuffies, lovies, blankies, pacies, binkies
  • Shoes, socks, barefeet are all ok
  • Pajamas, costumes, ball-gowns, and clothing optional (for ages 5 under)

Yep, one time we had a class full of toddlers in just their diapers!

The Don’ts

  • No food/eating in the studio!!!!!!!
  • No strollers (leave them parked in the hallway)
  • No toys or battery operating instruments in class
  • No dirty diapers in the studio trash cans
  • No talk over people singing